Our Restaurant

island hopping

Our open air restaurant on the beach front, serves an international cuisine with a great variety of vegetarian dishes.
It is always is a great idea to dine here with the view of the beautiful ocean and/or chill out at our beach lounge.
In this restaurant, natural sea breeze will keep you cool while the salt
water scent brings the feeling of relaxation and freedom.
The menu offers various choices of mouthwatering Japanese, Fillipino, and Italian cuisine as well as special dish using fresh fish of the day.

Our Menu

island hopping

We not only serve traditional Phillipino dishes such as, BBQ, Grill, coconuts curry, chopsy, but also various healthy vegetarian dishes including vegan food items.
The fresh soy milk we use instead of milk or egg for vegitalian dishes are made in our kitchen with Japanese branded soy beans.
And we offer customized food items such as vegetarian hamburger, made with soy meat.
If you wish to have any specific dish outside from our menu, please feel free to consult us, our chef will do her best to cater your request.